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Leckie, Albert (1920-1988)


Born Coatbridge. Then Lanarkshire, Scotland. Fellowshipped at Hebron Hall, Airdrie.

Mostly known for ministry of God’s word, though his emphasis in the Gospel meetings was on the sufferings of Christ, often saying “The Lord Jesus endured in three hours what the unrepentant sinner will never exhaust through eternity”. A sympathetic man and was “a succourer of many” who turned to him for advice throughout life.

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The Christian Graces And The Christian Character

The Resurrection

The Funds Of The Church – Pt1

The Government Of The Church – Pt2

Our Saviour’s Temptations – Our Incomparable Saviour

We See Jesus

Three Signs In Luke’s Gospel

Chastisement And Its Purpose – Pt1

Chastisement And Its Purpose – Pt2

Psalm 24


Accepted In The Beloved – The Consecration Of The Priesthood

Revelation 20:1-15

The Deity Of Christ

The Wealth Of The Assembly Spirituality

Counting All Things Loss For Christ

The Orderly Exercises Of Gifts In The Local Assembly

There Is One God

The Priesthood Of Christ

What Christ Became For Us

Enoch As A Preacher

The Birth Of Christ

Standing Fast With The Lord

Isaiah’s Call And Commission – Pt1

A Song Of Jehovah’s Deliverance – Pt2

A Song Of Ultimate Triumph – Pt3

The Son Of The Redeemed – Pt4

The Sons Of Joyous Obedience – Pt5

Being Saved – Gospel

Three Doors – Gospel

Sons, Brethren And Children

The Ascension

Philip And Stephen Dealing With The Lord’s Money

Creation Restored In Christ

The Consummation Of The Ages

Parables 1-4

Parables 5-8

Christ In The Offerings – Pt1 – The Burnt Offering

Christ In The Offerings – Pt2 – The Meal Offering

Christ In The Offerings – Pt3 – The Peace Offering

Christ In The Offerings – Pt4 – The Sin Offering

The Marriage Supper Of The Lamb

The Holy Spirit Of God

Then Cometh The End

Our Lord’s Transfiguration

The Manifestation Of Christ

The Sermon On The Mount – Pt1

The Sermon On The Mount – Pt2

The Coming Again Of Our Lord Jesus Christ

The Cross

The Humanity Of Christ

The Person Of Christ – Pt1

The Work Of Christ – Pt2

The Assembly – Pt3

Christ’s Resurrection – Pt4

Present Your Body – Pt1

The Transformed Mind – Pt2

The Operations Of Gifts – Pt3

The Sincerity Of Love – Pt4


The Headship Of Christ

The Song Of The New Creation

The Sanctuary Prayer Of The Son

Faith – Pt1

Faith – Pt2

Faith – Pt3

Faith – Pt4

Faith – Pt5

Faith – Pt6

The Resurrection Of Christ – Pt1

The Church Of Ephesus – Pt2

The Seven Churches

The Maintenance Of The Testimony



The Breaking Of Bread

The Circle Of Divine Love

The Uniqueness Of Christ

Isaiah 53:1-12

The Defence Of The Truth Of The Cross

His Crucifixion, Death And Burial

Fruit Bearing

Exalt In Hope, Tribulation And God

Remember The Lord Jesus Christ

Bible Reading – Ephesians 1 – Pt1

Bible Reading – Ephesians 1 – Pt2


How Will It All End?

The Marriage Supper Of The Lamb – starts partway through

The Rapture – bad sound

The Way The Lord’s People Worship Today – bad sound