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Fairweather, Albert


Serves the Lord full-time. Started Assembly Aid Abroad after Bible teaching trips to East Africa. No longer travelling to Africa, he still travels to assemblies in Southern Queensland and NSW to teach the Word, and report on East Africa.

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Handbook 1 – Shepherd’s Handbook

Handbook 2 – Gods Plans For The Ages

Handbook 3 – Things To Come

Handbook 4 – Triumphing Over Trials

Handbook 5 – The Patriarchs

Handbook 6 – Miscellaneous Studies

Handbook 7 – 1 Corinthians, Ephesians And Hebrews


Burmese – Elder’s Handbook


Chinese – Elder’s Handbook


Spanish – Elder’s Handbook


Swahili – Shepherd’s Handbook


Telugu – Shepherd’s Handbook


The World’s Bests Seller

Heaven And How To Get There

From Heaven To Earth

Sure Of God’s Love

Rescued From Ruin

The ABC Of Salvation

The Point Of No Return

The World That Perished

A Better World Coming


He’s Calling You

Peter – The Shepherd’s Call, Commission And Crown

The Will Of God And The Will Of Man

The Coming Of The Lord

Seven Rs Of Christian Faith

The Foundation Of The Apostles

The Glory Of The Lord

Jesus – A Great Light

God’s Truth And Glory

Look To Christ

Kings – Wise And Otherwise – Pt1 – Two Kings – The Kindness Of God

Kings – Wise And Otherwise – Pt2 – Three Kings – In The Days Of

Kings – Wise and Otherwise – Pt3

Kings – Wise And Otherwise – Pt4

The Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil

Daniel – Which God?

God’s Way – Salvation

Hebrews 1

A Little Girl’s Anguish And Testimony – Hebrews – Christ

Hebrews 3-4

Hebrews 7

Choices – The Life Of Moses

God’s Gospel – Luke – Pt1

Luke 15:1-7

The Life And Times Of Moses – Songs In The Night


The Glories Of The Cross

Christ In All The Scriptures

Christ And The Holy Spirit

The Life And Times Of Moses – Songs In The Night

Ruth – Pt1

Ruth – Pt2 – A Near Kinsman

Cain And Abel – Judgement

The Call Of Abraham

The 7 Rs In Matthew 11

Report On Kenya 2004

The Holy Spirit And Pentecost

The Good Shepherd

The Plumb Bob Of Life




In Christ


God’s Plan For The Ages

The Power Of The Gospel And A Kenya Report 2002


Behold The Lamb Of God


Spiritual Warfare

Report On Work In Kenya And The Call Of The Lord

A Few Things In Relation To Love

Do We Hear The Voice Of God Speaking To Us?

Knowing The Power, Grace, Compassion And Call Of The Lord And A Report On Assembly Work In Kenya

What A Deliverance Is Ours

Christian Life Is A Stewardship

John 14

The Holy Spirit – John 16

The Holy Spirit – Pt2 – John 16

Lessons In Leadership From The Life And Times Of Moses – Pt1

Lessons In Leadership From The Life And Times Of Moses – Pt2

Missionary Class – African Report

Africa Report

Kenyan Report

Report On Kenya – House Of God

The Christian’s Calling